Yell Cam

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Take Photos in a fun and different way.

Set a noise level, make noise to exceed that level and Yell Cam will capture the moment.

Of course Yell Cam will also let you take photos the traditional way: manual or with a customizable timer.


1) Camera

• Sound Mode:

take photos by making sound above a user defined level

• Manual Mode:

take photos manually or by using a timer:

- sequence: take a user defined number of photos (1..4)

- optional: create an automatic Collage for the sequence

- optional: create an animated image of the sequence

2) Albums

- organize photos into albums

- lock/unlock access to albums by doing a long press over the album row (uses TouchID to unlock)

- move photos between albums via drag and drop (landscape orientation only for iPhone). Note: each photo can only belong to one user Album

- share (copy) an entire album to the device Photos app

- share photos to social networks, email, iMessage

- import photos to albums

Yell Cam is a free app that lets you use all the features but has a limit of 10 user albums, 20 photos per user album.

If you buy the in-app purchase "Yell Cam Pro', this limitation is removed.

Yell Cam is a universal app so it will run on both iPhone and iPad.

Sound Activated Camera and more