Kalkulators for MacOS


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Kalkulators = expression calculators.


1 + 2 + (5 - 2.345)

22.0 / 7 * (a +b)

With Kalkulators you will never need to write down those intermediate results.


- Expression: use numbers, parenthesis, operators:   +   -   *   /

- No need for an "=" button. Calculates as you type.

- Mathematical functions

- Variables: use them in the expression. Useful for example, to change the values without editing the expression

- Multiple Kalkulators

- Duplicate Kalkulator: easily compare results by using different values in an expression/variables

- Preferences: theme (light/dark), precision, thousands separator

- Albums: let's you organize your formulas

- Formulas: let's you store your formulas

- Kalkulators: open many kalkulators at the same time

- Kalkulators variables: reference them in your formulas for quicker, more convenient calculations

- User defined precision (decimals)

- Scientific keyboard with trigonometric and math functions

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Expressions calculators